Friday, November 4, 2011

Research Research Research

For our next paper we are writing in class we have chosen a specific religious community and one aspect of religion in that community to write about. I have spent the last week and a half working on my research question, or thesis for the paper, and with that question in mind, my next task is to find a specific case study that relates to and helps answer my research question. I chose to look at the Jewish tradition and the aspect of authority which has led me to create this research question, or thesis for my paper: “There are many ways in which new media can affect a religious tradition, and this research paper will look at the authority of the Jewish community and how it translates from the offline setting into one of digital media and new technologies.” The case study that I am choosing to research to go along with this question is one of the “kosher phone”. This phone is one that was created through negotiation with the Jewish religious leaders and non-Jewish phone company creators. It was made to allow the use of new technologies yet still be abide by the Jewish Law and be acceptable to the leaders of the community. The leaders and this Law are both sources of authority for this community, so this case study is a good example of how the Jewish tradition is looking to authority in their interactions with new media and technologies.